How deep are the bonds that tie?  How tenuous are our emotional attachments and our motivations that drive our feelings of joy and grief?  “Broken Places” seeks to spark a conversation, not knowing where the answers may lead for each, of whether loss is truly loss, permanence is truly permanent and whether the cords that are embedded in the fabric of our lives are, in fact, illimitable.

The concept and delivery style of the film is a fresh take on the silent film format.  The aim was to provide a pared backdrop to a profound theme. The use of subtitles is similarly important so that the written word on screen can find a unique voice in each viewer’s mind.

The characters are not only trying to cope with a recent major life event but also with their own ongoing personal struggles. Powerfully acted with two young actors that fill the screen with exceptional presence, and accompanied by a soaring original score, we witness the conflict with which the boys are faced, and the passage of emotions they must endure.

About the Filmmaker, Neysan Sobhani

Born in Germany, Neysan Sobhani is a Canadian of Persian decent. As a young child he had to leave his home in Iran during the 1979 Iranian revolution. His family found shelter in Sri Lanka but the outbreak of the civil war in Sri Lanka in the mid 1980’s forced them to find another safe haven, this time essentially stateless. With assistance from the United Nations and Canada, his family resided in northern Canada. The dramatic circumstances of his forced migration, and the frequent movement across diverse geographies and cultures, honed a deep curiosity and respect for the people and landscapes around him. Making films became the language through which to capture and share images and experiences that makes hearts skip.

As a writer-director of films that have appeared in over 40 film festivals worldwide, he feels the only outlet for his over-active imagination, and other undisclosed neurosis, is to tell stories.